january | small goals

As promised, I’ve replaced my monthly grown up goals with small monthly goals. I don’t know what format this will grow into, but I’m excited! Without further ado, my January small goals:
1. take down the Christmas tree — preferably before Jan 25?
2. buy a new laptop — my current lappy blue screens every few hours, which is just devastating because I love her so much. it’s time to bite the bullet and say hello to a new computer
3. read The Gifts of Imperfection by BrenĂ© Brown — been dying to dive into this!
4. prepare a two-item meal once a week — waffles & eggs, chicken & pasta, beef & broccoli
5. collaborate with a professional photographer — excited to work with my girl Briley to take some awesome outfit posts in the coming weeks!
6. make more time for date night — my and Dago’s schedules clash, so I have to be more deliberate with the time we spend together, especially outside of the apartment!
7. take better care of my clothes — as in, ya know, hanging them up in the closet where they go…
8. plan one craft project — realistically, I may not have time to accomplish it this month since I’m making these goals so late, but I can get it prepared for next month! maybe something Valentine’s themed!
9. enjoy my day off — I’m using some holiday time to spend a day  relaxing with my mama. i’m thinking shopping and August: Osage County
10. actively engage in some form of self-care every day — I’m realizing that I just can’t do my job without this, much less live the rest of my life

What are you hoping to accomplish before this month ends?
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