happy birthday, dad

Y’all, my dad is the best. He’s been my BFF since day one. 
Today is his birthday, so here’s a little tribute to his greatness.
You’re a superior cake-baker,
a Texas history hero,
and the grooviest concert dancer there is.
You’re the mashed potato master,
the tickle monster of doom,
and the pun champion of the Milky Way.
You always have a spare bandanna to wipe a brow or a tear,
and a bear hug before sending me back out into the big playground of adulthood.

You’re the original hipster and all I can hope is to be as cool as you some day.

Thanks for all you do. You’re the raddest dad I could ask for.
Happy 25th anniversary of your 29th birthday, Dad!
xo Nic
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