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This is an outfit that I would have been all about during my freshman year of college, but probably wouldn’t have worn in public since then. There was an incident just before the end of my first semester that changed all of that, that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here before. Which is weird, because it’s the catalyst that got me back into fashion and style.
A week or so before winter break, one of my guy friends from a neighboring dorm asked me to go to dinner later in the week with him and another one of our friends. It seemed totally casual, so I said sure and never really gave it much thought. The day of our planned outing, the other friend texted me and told me to wear something nice. Um, as if I wouldn’t? But really, I had planned on wearing jeans, a v-neck, a zip-up hoodie and my beloved purple Converse. So I swapped the Cons for a pair of flats and the hoodie for a blazer. That was nicer, right?
Turns out, this “outing” is actually a double date to P.F. Chang’s. (Do they have these everywhere? It’s a really fancy Asian food restaurant. Like..people go to their prom dinners there.) Anyway, I was totally underdressed. (Also, it turned out that I was only invited as to make things less awkward for our other friend who was trying to make some moves on a lady, and not intended to be a date for me, but that’s a different story.) 
In the cafeteria the next day, I’m sitting with the bros and we’re talking about the evening. I say something about feeling embarrassed that I was so underdressed, and one of the guys makes a comment about how I “always dress and walk like such a dude, and maybe I should put in more effort.”
This might be a good time to say that, with the exception of this story, this human is actually just a dingle-berry to my existence and bears no importance on any other part of my life. Truth be told, he’s pretty much everything I stand against.
Anyway, I came back the next semester swinging. I went out and bought dresses, printed and colored tights, little skirts with pockets, and got bangs. I retired my Converse and dressed up for class every day for the rest of my college career.
Since that incident, I’ve been reluctant to wear anything that might come off as masculine, sloppy, sporty, or even underdressed. I pride myself on having a strong sense of style and always putting in the effort to have a look, rather than just clothes on my body. I may have had a shitty catalyst, but I took control of my style and haven’t look back.
Lately, I’ve been considering buying a pair of white Converse, mostly because they’re a blogger staple. Dressing up every day, especially at an office where gym clothes are perfectly acceptable, can become tedious and tiresome. When it’s extra cold outside, like it’s been this week, or I’m just not feeling well, I want to be able to throw on some sweat pants and call it “dressed.” I see bloggers wearing sweats and Cons and I never think “wow, she really didn’t put in the effort.” I think they look cute, and I envy their ability to dress down and still look so fly. Maybe I just need to find the right pair, and the right accessories, to make it feel me.
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