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2014 | style resolutions

1. wear more stripes
As a blogger, I sometimes feel pressured to buy up all the latest trends, even if it doesn’t quite feel like me. I always feel like myself when I’m wearing stripes. I have several striped shirts, but I’d love to add a few more to my collection. It’s so comforting slipping on a familiar print that just makes you feel happy and me.
2. commit to the remix 
If there’s one thing style blogging has taught me, it’s the importance of utilizing your closet to the fullest. Major bloggers and celebs may have disposable incomes and closets, but real women have to find a way to make the pieces they buy wearable and interesting again and again. Remixing pieces into new outfits has taught me so much about what I buy and how I can re-wear the things I already own. Instead of spending as much money adding new stuff, I want to focus on what I’ve got. 
3. say yes to tulle
Every year, someone sells a beautiful, luxe, and totally extravagant tulle skirt, and every year I don’t buy it. I convince myself I don’t have anywhere to wear it. I say I’ll wait til the next one comes out. Not this year! I want to be fabulous and wear a tulle skirt with a plaid shirt and have everybody pin it on Pinterest. 2014 just feels like the year of tulle.
4. invest, invest, invest 
The older I get, and, hopefully, more I get paid, the more I’m able to invest in higher quality items for my life. Fast fashion isn’t meant to last, so putting my money towards investment pieces helps to build a closet that will stand the tests of time and trends.
5. feel awesome
Style, and especially blogging, sometimes make me feel pressure, envy, and shame. I have to jump on this bandwagon, and how come she always looks so great, and why doesn’t that dress look as good on me. These feelings aren’t fun, and they aren’t productive. This blog has always been a place of outward body positivity, but in 2014, I want to turn it inward. I’m going to focus on clothes and outfits that make me feel wonderful, instead of fitting into something that makes me feel anything less than.
What are your style resolutions this year?
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