the first christmas tree

 The most wonderful thing happened this year: my very first Christmas tree. Growing up Jewish, my parents so wanted my brother and I to experience the pure joys of the Festival of Lights, without ever feeling envy for our friends and neighbors with trees glimmering in their windows. Never was a pine chopped, an ornament dropped, or corn popped for stringing in the Seligman house. And I don’t blame them! I grew up filled with pride in my menorah and my dreidel. But, I’d be lying if I said I never wished for a Christmas tree of my own.
In college, I lived alone and never had the funds to buy my own tree and do it up in ornaments and lights. I wanted my first time to be special, so I avoided small, pre-lit trees with determination that, someday, I’d have a tree to call my own.
When Dago and I moved into together, I knew it was time. I asked him a couple of months ago if we could get a tree, and he promised. Dago’s real good about keeping promises. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we saddled up in the Versa and ventured down to the Target. Entering the Christmas decoration aisle was like a new puppy in a pet store. So much to see! So much to smell! Wait, what does that one do!?
We investigated our tree options and quickly agreed on a six-footer–for only $20! Since we don’t have an ornament collection of our own, we picked out a super classy box of gold ornaments, along with a few strands of white lights. I may have never had my own tree before, but I know about class and sparkle. On the way to the register, I grabbed a pack of gold bows, because, obvi. I really love the finishing touch they give our tree!
Speaking of finishing touch, we realized that we didn’t have a topper. Back in my Barnes & Noble days, someone gifted me a little Santa hat for Contessa, which she’s not made good use of, so we plopped it on the top of the tree and called it good. I actually quite like it, and we may just keep it after all.
In an attempt to slowly grow our ornament collection, we I decided that we should exchange ornaments every year. I’m so excited to share what I have planned for Dago, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for me!
Since putting up our tree, I’ve been completely enchanted in its beauty and light. I find myself staring off at it while blogging or catching up on our shows. Our tree is magical, and has brought me so much joy and comfort in our home.
What’s your favorite part of decorating for Christmas? Do you have a stance on real vs. fake trees? As an adult, how are you building up your ornament collection?
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