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blazer: stolen from brother // dress: Zara old (similar) // leggings: Forever 21 // boots: Delia*s (similar) // scarf: vintage

 Do you ever have those days? Those days where the air in your room is just a couple degrees too cold to get out from under the covers? And you haven’t decided yet what clothes you want to put on to keep your body and spirits warm?
That happened to me this morning. I usually plan my outfits the night before, but I just hadn’t had a chance to think about, so I woke up and stayed under my covers until the very last moment possible. When I did go stand a-shivering in my closet, I felt totally uninspired. I knew it would be sooo cold outside, so I wanted to save a couple of other outfits I have lined up for a slightly warmer day.
I started looking around and grabbing things that looked warm, until I had a whole outfit on my body. Then I quickly rushed out the door and off to work. I got there and felt so uncomfortable in what I’d chosen. I hadn’t really gotten a good look at myself before leaving the house, so I didn’t even know if things came together. All I could think about were the less-bloggable-but-more-cozy outfits back in my closet at home.
It wasn’t until I went out to take photos that I realized that I do, in fact, like this outfit! The blazer over the sweater dress looks sharp and gives it some shape. The scarf and blazer have a slightly flight attendant look to them–in a good way, I think? I like that I ended up with navy and brown instead of my frequent default of black and brown. And, I was warm!
It may not have been as easy or familiar as some other outfits I could have chosen, but I’m glad I tried something new and found an inspiring combination to share!
What do you do when you have a closet full of clothes, you’re running late, and you don’t know what to wear?
// dress previously worn here
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