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red & green // round one

skirt: Forever 21 // cardigan: Target // shirt: thrifted (originally Gap) // shoes: Lulu*s (similar)

 Red and green may be complementary colors, but I feel like a lot of people opt to not pair them together because it’s too Christmas-y. Recently. red and green has become a favorite color combo of mine, so I’m excited to share a couple of fun ways to wear it.
I call this outfit Tomato, Avocado, and Polka Dots. I love that the red is a little orange-y, and the green is a little on the yellow side, making them both in the same color family, but not true red or green like you’d see in a coloring box. Also, I’m really craving a tomato + avocado salad now. Weird…
I actually came up with this outfit when I first bought the sweater, but it was just getting colder around these parts, so I decided to save it for the inevitable warm day ahead. Of course, it’s December and 85 degrees in Austin. Of course.

Am I the only one who feels kind of weird wearing pencil skirts when you don’t have to? By that, I mean that I always associate pencil skirts with “grown up” clothes. Like, I put off buying them unless I’m applying for the kinds of jobs where I might have to wear “grown up” clothes on a regular basis. I own a handful, and only wear them to things like networking events and interviews. My office is extremely casual, especially for advocates, so I usually feel like I’m overdressed for the occasion if I were to wear a pencil skirt to work. 
I rationalized wearing this one because there was supposed to be media in the building yesterday for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. If you happened to make a donation yesterday, I’m so incredibly appreciative! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can pop in over here and consider making a donation through the rest of the month!
//skirt previously worn here and here
//cardigan previously worn here
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