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shirt: DIY // jeans: Gap // shoes: Target old // scarf: Francesca’s // glasses: BonLook
You may or may not know this about me, but I am not craft-inclined. I have grand visions of crafty goodness, but I find the actual act of crafting both exhausting and anxiety-ridden. Plus, I just don’t have the hands for it. Almost everything I’ve ever attempted has come out pretty wonky.
When one of my favorite bloggers Becca of Ladyface Blog reached out to me about guest posting, I immediately thought “definitely!” and then got really intimidated. She’s one of the most brilliant crafters on the Internet, so having a DIY on her blog means it has to meet a certain standard. I started brainstorming all of these wonderful projects I would love to accomplish. Handmade stamped head scarves! Embroidered stationery! Stenciled bunting! Unfortunately, these crafts are all pretty out of my league, and I didn’t really have time to try, try again. 
What I am good at is online window shopping. I found this sweater from Asos a while back and fell. in. love. But also didn’t really think it was worth the price. I mean, it’s just gems on a sweatshirt, how hard could that be? And then I got to thinking, “hey! I could do that!”
So now, here we are. Head on over to Becca’s blog for the full DIY so you can make your own sparkly holiday sweatshirt!
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