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Can you believe we made it to December? Friggen bonkers, I tell you. Anyway, new month means new things to wish for!
one // You all know my love for colored tights, but I’ve been a little cautious of patterned tights. After seeing Sara wear these pretty rose tights on her blog, I went out and bought a similar pair, but have been too scared to wear them. Then, I was at a party last weekend and my friend wore the coolest patterned tights, so I decided I need to step up my tights game. These are pretty intense, but I also think they’d be semi-easy to wear with skirts and dresses because the lines are all horizontal.
two // I haven’t bought a new coat in a couple of years, but this winter is especially chilly! I’ve always wanted a red coat, and even more after reading Nora Ephron essays about them, so I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect one. I’m really picky about coat shapes. Is that just me? Some are too frilly and girly, making the shape is hard to wear with jeans. Others are too boxy or voluminous. What I really want is something that’s slightly cinched and a long enough to cover a longer sweater, but not actually a long coat. I love the double-breasted look, and I don’t really love belts. Found: the perfect red coat. I’m super digging that the fur bit is removable for ultimate versatility. 
three // I’m not  really in the market for a NYE dress, but if I were, this would be the winner, hands down. I found it back in October I think and fell in L.O.V.E. It’s sparkle, it’s sequin, it covers and reveals just enough to be sexy, plus it looks like it fits like a glove! Gimme.
four // I want all the festive sweaters! American Eagle has a bad rep for being a preppy high schooler’s dream, but they really do have cute stuff. This year, they’re rocking out some awesome sweaters (as evidenced here) and this one is no exception. 
five // Who can say no to a bejeweled, knit, emerald ear warmer? Not I.
six // These boots. Put them on my feet and call me winter ready. Actually, I want an identical pair in black, but I can’t find any that I like. Halp?
seven // If you know anything about me, then you know that this is me, in t-shirt form. Whatever you’re into, you can probably find 100 things you need on this website. Get to shoppin’!
What are you wishing for this month?
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