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shirt: Banana Republic // skirt: Forever 21 // tights: Target // shoes: similar
As I was posting these photos, I realized how much it looks like fall in Austin. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really felt like it. It’s been in the 70s most of this week, which is about 40 degrees cooler than it is in the summertime, but still not adequate fall temps for most people. 
Even though it doesn’t feel like it, the holidays are already jingling their way into my psyche. I’ve decided that I’m just going to dress like every day is a holiday party. I mean, why not? It’s the best time of year to get dressed, and I never end up invited to enough parties to wear all the cute things I come up with, so I’ll just keep wearing them to work and giving myself the gift of fab.
Speaking of the gift of fab, after my disastrous shopping adventure on Saturday, I stepped into Banana Republic to re-energize my soul with beautiful clothing and accurate sizing. I often scoff at the prices of items like flannel button downs at stores like Banana, opting instead for the cheap Forever 21 version, but I realize now how mistaken I’ve been. This shirt is so soft and fits so well; I may just never take it off. Thank goodness for sale prices and quality flannel!
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