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to do list // fall

Fall is probably the most inspiring season for me. Maybe it’s because I always associated it with going back to school, but I feel like fall is full of opportunities to look forward to. The weather cools down, so I’m all about outdoor activities like going to the zoo, playing in piles of leaves, and hanging out at a pumpkin patch. I’ve already been designing an autumn flower crown for a future DIY, and I’ve got my eye on a few different knit shops on Etsy. 
One of my most favorite things to do in fall is walk down South Congress with a warm cup of hot chocolate or chai from Jo’s. I love my city and I love exploring all the little shops we have. Speaking of little shops, I really want to convince Dago to take a day trip with me to Fredricksburg or Kerville for some small town strolling and antiquing. 
What do you want to do this fall?
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