she bangs

So like…there was this one time months and months where I longed for my bangs to grow out to be the same length as the rest of my hair. I lusted over Lauren Conrad and Amanda Seyfried’s lengthy locks and tugged on my bangs in hopes that they’d grow. For a while, it seemed like they never would. And then all of a sudden, they did. And oh man did it look bad. It’s okay, I’m not shaming myself or stabbing my esteem in the stomach. I just realized that…I don’t like my forehead. I need bangs. I feel like I look really masculine without bangs! I know, I sound like a silly person; Dago has told me again and again that I don’t look like a boy. But it’s all I can see. No matter how cute the outfit, I feel like a boy wearing it.
I can already hear my mom saying “but you wanted to grow them out for soooo long!?” I tried, and I learned! If I hadn’t grown them out, I’d always wonder if I’d feel prettier without bangs. But now I know. I need bangs. So excited to get a chop this week and feel like myself again!
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