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After reading about the importance of women being explicitly proud of their accomplishments on both NeonNotebook and the NY Mag, I decided to do a little self-promotion of my own. Thinking about what I’m proud of is such an interesting task: I want to praise myself for things I know I’ve done well, but I always feel there’s a risk that I’ll come off sounding conceited. Or worse, what if I’m proud of something that someone else doesn’t think is worthy of praise? These are doubts that can be so natural to us as women, and are often biggest obstacle holding us back from accepting greatness. This post is about putting on blinders to the critics and celebrating my accomplishments.

I am proud of my advocacy. Usually when someone has a job, it teaches them skills they can use in future jobs, but not necessarily life. One of the greatest things I’ve learned in my position as an advocate is the power of validating. I love having the ability to make someone feel heard, and, even more, to empower them to continue to use their voice. All by validating their feelings. I never feel better about myself than when I’m providing awesome advocacy, and I think that’s pretty cool. I’m proud of knowing my purpose.

I am proud of my blog. A lot of people seem to think that blogging isn’t a valid form of writing. I think those people are wrong. every day, I get to write whatever i want in this space that I’ve created–and people read it. Exclusively, those are both really great things that I’m proud of, but having crafted something that other people care about (even just enough to click through to) makes me feel so wonderful. I love sharing stories, thoughts, outfits, and more, so single-handedly building a corner of the internet where I can do that whenever I want is a major accomplishment in my life that I’m really proud of.

I am proud of my relationship with Dago. Our relationship is an incredible partnership. We’re costars in our often hilarious, sometimes deep, and always insanely-loving lives. I feel perfectly equal to him in the relationship, and yet have so much admiration for him as a person. Our communication skills are so smooth we don’t even realize we’re “working through” something, and we both strive to hear each other’s voices over our own. I’m so excited about our 2+ years together and I love taking on each new day, making plans for the future, and enjoying the tiniest moments with him. I’m so proud of the healthy, happy, and whole relationship we’ve built.

What are you proud of? Do you ever struggle to identify or announce these accomplishments?
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