happy birthday, mama

Today is your birthday, and I’m so lucky to be able to celebrate with you. I don’t have any money right now to buy you all the material things I wish I could give to you, so my words will have to be enough. 
I feel closer to you these days than ever before. Some women are reluctant to become like their mothers, but that is all I could ever wish for. You define resilience. You’ve fought through Hell and back without complaining or giving up. You love so fiercely. You always make an effort to understand the things you don’t, and that is what makes a person intelligent. You’re so beautiful and if I’m half as pretty as you at your age, my future husband will be a lucky, lucky man.  I love watching you raise the new puppy because I get to relive your awesome nurturing skills as an adult. 
You’re so sensible and compassionate. I’ve always admired your conviction. Standing alongside you this summer supporting our rights as Texas women was one of my favorite life experiences so far, and I know we’ll have many, many more. 
When you say that you’re proud of me, it means more than anything anyone could ever say. I am so incredibly proud to be your daughter and I can’t wait to realize more of you in myself as I grow older. 
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and our family. I hope I can return the favor in my adult life.
Have such a wonderful day! I love you!
xo Nicole
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