fall outfits style

denim & dots

dress, top, & headband: Old Navy // shoes: LuLu*s
 When I bought this chambray dress, I already had this outfit in mind. Layering black and white under chambray looks so crisp, and I wanted to take my own spin on the look. I thought about rocking some stripes, but the cap-sleeves on this dress are really tight on my arms, and I didn’t think any of my striped shirts would fit under. I actually considered selling this dress for that reason, but wanted to give it another chance with this thin polka dot top. I really like the look, but I still think I may send the dress off to someone who can love it better than I can.
Speaking of which, I’m thinking about doing a shop my closet again, but this time as an Instagram shop. Do you follow those? Do you ever shop from them? Basically, I would post photos of items I’m selling with a little info and then you could comment with your PayPal email address and I could bill you and send it your way. It would be a mix of new and vintage/thrifted pieces I’ve bought, but either didn’t ever wear or didn’t fit me right. No articles of clothing should ever go unloved (except those one-size-fits-all shirts…*shudder*), so let me sell you things I didn’t love that could be your new favorite!
I went ahead and made an account called shops like a girl, just in case people are interested in this idea. I haven’t posted anything yet, but let me know if this is something you’d be into and I’ll get it up and running, so you can get shopping!
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