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bunnies & bonlook

shirt: Anthropologie (on SUPER sale!) // jeans: Gap // shoes: LuLu*s

 I finally did it! I finally own a pair of BonLook glasses! As a glasses wearer since first grade, I can happily and honestly say that these are my favorite glasses I’ve ever worn. They’re the perfect size; I’m not looking over or under the frames in order to see. They’re the perfect color; a flattering tortoise caramel (AKA Havana). They make me feel hip without going over the top. I need these to see, people, so they have to look good every day, with every outfit, and I have to have real lenses in them. Check, check, and check. 

Speaking of real lenses, BonLook was great about making sure my prescription would be correct. First, they recommended an upgrade on lenses because of my special eyes, which I would have had no idea that I needed. Then, I’m a dummy and entered my prescription wrong, so they personally contacted me to make sure it would be corrected. Talk about stellar customer service.
I’d been trying to win a BonLook blogger giveaway for months now, but since October rolled around (the month my prescription expired) and I got a promotion, I decided it was time I treat myself to the prettiest pair of specs I’ve ever laid my eyes on…or through? It was so nice not having to bother with the disappointing selection at stores like EyeMasters/LensCrafters/Walmart, but knowing I was still going to end up with a pair of quality frames, unlike some of the other online glasses shops out there.
So, what do you think? Are they Simply Fabulous?
PS. This shirt has bunnies on it. I am so, so, so excited about that.
PPS. This post isn’t sponsored in any way by BonLook.
All very satisfied opinions are my own!
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