wednesday thoughts

Weeks when I write cover letters are hard for blogging. I’ve already written so. many. words. How do you expect me to come up with more funny, interesting things to say? But, I have a job to do, so here I am! Just a little midweek update.

oo1. Trying to figure out what I want to do with my life is super hard. Sometimes I think I’ve got it all figured out, and actually, I kind of do…it’s just the in-between stepping stones that are hard to figure out. Sigh. More on this later, I swear.
oo2. Contessa has been bonkers this week. Is it a full moon? Do cats’ moods change during their owner’s time of the month? (…ahem) Whatever’s going on, she’s crazy and I need her to calm down so I (and poor, sweet Dago) can sleep!
oo3. I figure I’ll just stick this right in here since I don’t really want to dedicate a whole post to it: last month I upped the dosage of my anxiety/depression meds, but have decided to go back down again. The added exercise, reading, and other wellness in my life have sort of leveled things out. I think. We’ll see! Updates to come!
oo4. I am starting to yearn for fall weather, clothes, and treats, but I’m not letting myself take that step until the temperature drops in Austin. It’s just too darn hot still to wear scarves or even think about yummy hot chai.
oo5. I have been recording all the new and rerun episodes of What Not to Wear. There was a time when I’d seen every episode of the show, but I got seriously behind all the years I didn’t have television. I love, love Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, their rules, and watching women strip off body shame and put on really hot clothes. So maybe I’ll be a stylist when I grow up? Back to number one.

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