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grown up goal: september

I’m so excited for September. I mentioned last month that I had some grown up goals in mind for the rest of the year, and it’s time to reveal one! Those of you who follow me on Instagram have actually gotten a little sneak peek at my early work on this goal. With the temperatures finally dropping (omg yeah right! maybe someday this month we’ll get below 100° after 6pm…), I can finally start heading out and being active!
I know I sound really pumped right now, but it has been a long journey to get to this place. Exercise is something I’ve feared nearly my whole life. Being fit is something I’ve resisted. Strength is something I strive for in emotions and friendships, but never in my body. I have felt so awful about my body for so many years, and I’ve believed that spending any time on what exists beneath the clothes would only draw attention to the parts of myself that I hate.
I finally purchased my amazing pair of running shoes. I discovered the joys of compression pants. I bought a pair of earbuds. I have no excuse not to get outside. I’m starting slow: taking walks in the evening, jogging from point A to point B on the trail at the park, and even trying some stretching with the help of the old YouTube. Maybe I’ll take a Zumba class (as per my 24 before 24 list) or try an entry-level yoga class. 
During September, and through the rest of the year, I want to create a weekly fitness routine that makes me feel good. Right now, that’s two evenings a week out exploring my neighborhood with a ballin’ playlist and my favorite pair of shoes. I want fitness to be something that adds to my wellness and emotional wealth, rather than becoming a chore or source of negativity. I have no intention of stepping on a scale because this isn’t about a number, it’s about a feeling. A feeling that I’m able to sustain with a little effort, that gives me energy to do all the other things I need to accomplish.
What advice do you have for me starting out? 
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