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This actually started out as my monthly wishlist post, and then I realized I accidentally created a super cute outfit of things I want. So, now I have a new series on the blog! Don’t you love when that happens?
// wish i were wearing:
// denim jacket: I’m so sad to announce that I have lost my denim jacket. I’ve been avoiding the topic here, hoping it would turn up. It disappeared sometime after taking these photos. I’m really stinking sad about it because I never ever lose things and I looooved that jacket so, so much. Oh, and it has my iPhone remote in the pocket, which has been really fun for outfit photos. But that’s neither here nor there…or anywhere, apparently. So I need a new denim jacket. I’ve always loved the look of the American Eagle mid wash jacket, and I guess I have an excuse to buy it now!
// peter pan collar blouse: After assessing my closet for adult life outfits, I’ve realized that I’m in dire need of blouses. I have a couple of tie neck sheer blouses that look great with pencil skirts, but aren’t very versatile. I love the shape and color of this particular blouse because it would pair well with any shape of skirt or pants. Holy transitional pieces, Batman! Plus, how can I pass up the peter pan collar and unique detailing across the chest?
// polka dot skirt: I’m a huge sucker for polka dots and I’ve been craving outfits created with a polka dot skirt base. After styling my floral skirt a bunch of different ways this summer, I realized that shorter, fuller skirts are really flattering on me. Who knew? I also love the fabric and dark navy color of this J.Crew Factory skirt, and I’ve already planned about a bajillion looks with it. This skirt will be coming home with me as soon as I have the funds. 
// colorblock crossbody bag: You know when you fall in love with something you didn’t even know you wanted? Say hello to my new bag lust. Oh, Gap. You never cease to amaze me…or let me keep my money! I’m always hunting for a perfect crossbody bag and this might be the official replacement for my retired cognac purse. The foldover look is so trendy right now, but I think it’ll continue to be a practical, chic look.
// low heel brown booties: Speaking of chic, are you not just dying over these booties? I have a pair of more slate-colored booties that I really do adore, but the heel is just too high for me to wear as often as I’d like. I’ve been searching for a pair of lower booties that have the sophistication of a grown up boot without the crazy high grown up heel. These fit the bill and come in such a lovely color. I could wear them with skinnies or dresses or polka dot skirts. Versatile perfection.
What are you wishing you were wearing today? 
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