someday splurge: kate spade

It’s extremely rare that I post items on this blog that I flat out can’t afford. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t spend time drooling at them online. I frequently find myself lamenting “Someday when I’m successful and wealthy, I’ll have…” about this or that beautiful line that I admire. So, I thought I’d share some of those styles I’d wear if I were rich and famous on the blog every so often! A girl can dream!
Kate Spade is at the top of that “Someday…” splurge list. When the KSNY x Darcel items and other new arrivals showed up online this week, I just about peed myself. Donuts and pretzels are just about my two favorite things, so I of course have to have it all.
1 // Donut on a black pointy flat? Perfect with a flirty dress or cropped skinnies. 2 // I’ve been drooling over J.Crew statement collar necklaces for months, but this feminine pearl beauty takes the cake. 3 // I always forget to wear earrings these days, but my haircut really calls for a fierce pair of jewels clustered at my ears. 4 // Color blocking  and a bow? This precious pair of flats are yearning to be worn with skirts and tights and holiday dresses. 5 // I don’t think I’ve worn a ring since high school, but I would never pass up a dainty golden pretzel to wear on my finger. 6 // Speaking of holiday dresses, is there a more perfect evening bag for upcoming wintertime parties? 7 // For the big finale, the world’s most incredible handbag: a neutral pink, crossbody strap option, and a friggen donut. I’m in love. Take me away, Kate Spade!
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