simple inspiration

Making good on my grown up goal for the month, I decided to make a little inspiration board. I’m always so inspired when Jenny and Kendra, two of my favorite blogger/designers post their mood boards, so here’s one of my own!
I’ve found myself weighed down lately by trying to over-complicate things. From my daily outfits to the words I type, I’m definitely trying to do too much at once. Sometimes, a plain tee is the perfect outfit and a piece of fruit doesn’t need fancy fixin’s to be juicy and delicious. I often feel inadequate because I’m not an intricate party planner or gourmet chef, but I’m good at other things and keeping these areas of my life simple helps be do my best work in other areas.
Here’s my simplification plan:
// be kind, no matter what
// don’t get worked up about things that haven’t happened yet
// what what feels good, not what I think I need to
// surround myself with objects that are useful or add beauty to my life
total aside: did anyone else watch the pretty little liars finale last night? 
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