I love to celebrate anniversaries. When Dago and I first got together, I think I drove him a little crazy by surprising him on the 12th of every month with something special or asking if we could go out to dinner to celebrate. Looking back, that may have been a lot of pressure. Sorry, boo!

When it comes to my blog, I’ve felt a little wary about what was okay to celebrate. Was 200 posts as big of a deal as I thought it was? Or 100 followers? And when is my actually blog birthday? This little blog has taken many iterations to find its voice. If you go back two years from this Wednesday, you’ll find my very first post. That was back when I wanted to write humorous, critical pieces about pop culture and womanhood. My first URL was, to match the rest of my Internet personas. I was posting once every few weeks. Then, my first outfit post happened in early February of 2012. It was grainy and taken in my studio apartment using a bunch of books as a stand for my iPhone. This is a period of owning a blog that I sometimes think about erasing. It was pretty bad, y’all. By May, I had abandoned the blog while I was busy graduating from college and sorting my life out.

In August, I picked the blog back up, dusted it off, and started writing again. This time about my post-grad, pre-job life. I ordered a remote and I started taking photos of my outfits outside of my apartment. I still wasn’t posting very often, but I did feel more dedicated to being a blog owner. I changed my URL to I joined the Independent Fashion Bloggers network and, while the majority of the experience was pure follow 4 follow annoyance, I met Elissa of Style Wire, which really made it worth it. I started commenting on other blogs, instead of just admiring from afar, and I included my link, just in case anyone wanted to see who I was.
Starting in 2013, I decided I wanted to go from being the owner of a blog to a real blogger. For me, this meant posting six days a week, every week, and narrowing in on what I wanted to write about. I began connecting with other bloggers, which made blogging so much more enjoyable. No longer did I feel like I was just writing in a vacuum. For Valentine’s Day, Dago bought my domain for me. I had my first guest series, I did my first sponsored post, I bought business cards, and went to a blogger mixer.
So, when is my actual bloggiversary? If I celebrate it on the wrong day, does it count? If a blogger asks a question and no one comments, does she make a sound? Sure she does! And she can celebrate anything she wants, whenever she wants. So, happy bloggiversary to me! Let’s all raise our snow cones and toast to another year of outfits, sisterhood, and real talk about growing up!
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