what to wear to: txsc prom

It’s finally close enough that I can start counting down the days to TxSC and not seem like a crazy person. I spent a couple of hours figuring out what workshops I want to attend and I’ve been carefully putting together each outfit  from top to bottom. It’s safe to say that this is the most exciting thing I’m doing this year, so I want to fully embrace myself in the process.

Unfortunately, money is still tight around these parts, so I’m remixing a lot of pieces I already own and wearing some special pieces I’ve saved for “the right occasion” that haven’t been worn yet. For prom, I’m finally going to wear a vintage dress I thrifted several years ago that I’ve never worn out of my closet. However, it doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming about what she’d wear if she had disposable income and great taste (at least I’ve got one of the two!).

Dressing for any event, I battle with how I want others to perceive me upon first impression. With each dress option, I assume a different persona. Here are a few I might have worn if I had the funds.


I’ve been lusting after this dress for about a million years. It reminds me of the dress Taylor Swift wore on New Girl, and y’all know how much I love to dress like Taylor Swift. I love the super sweet pinks, golds, and creams of these pieces. I think this outfit says: I’m a vintage-loving sweetheart who loves movie nights and fresh flowers.

dress* – shoesearringsclutchclip
Being a blogger conference, I know there will be so many girls in the most on-trend looks. Bright coral, soft mint, graphic accessories, and statement jewelry are all majorly fab in the blogosphere right now. I’ve never worn a one-shoulder dress, but this color and shape are calling to me. I think this look says: I like to try new things, I’m addicted to Instagram, and I love supporting local boutiques.

*This dress literally sold out while I was building this blog post. Similar here.

Stepping way out of my comfort zone here, but I pull up this dress every time I go to the Topshop website. Where I would wear it, I didn’t know until prom, but this might be the perfect opportunity to step out of my box and into a wild print with edgy accessories. If I wore this look, I’d feel like: the girl who has a super amazing self-started career in PR by day and leads her pack of friends downtown for a night of karaoke and dancing by night.

What’s your go to style persona?
What are you wearing to TxSC Prom? I can’t wait to connect with you there!
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