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dress: Old Navy // flats: Steve Madden
Sometimes, putting on a pretty dress is all you need to feel better. Last week was cray to the nth degree. By Friday, an easy dress was about all I could handle. Luckily, a real pretty one just entered my life.
I’ve been searching for the perfect striped sundress since I was at least 15. Every time I see a woman in a pretty striped dress, I have to run up and ask where it’s from. Usually it’s from a super fab boutique in Italy or France, so I’d decided that the dress must be unattainable.
A couple of weeks ago Dago and I went to walk around the mall and stopped into Old Navy. I’ve been on a spending freeze because I’ve not even had a dollar that wasn’t owed somewhere else or didn’t need to be saved for food. I moped around the women’s section while Dago tried on some gingham, and then I spotted her. Hanging on a rack in the middle of the store was an online return, in my size. It was the most perfect dress I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. I snatched it up and took it straight to the register. Since it was an online return and they didn’t have a price on it, they only charged me $15 (instead of the actual $32). #worthit
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