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I meant to write this post back in June, and then at the beginning of July. Now it’s mid the end of July, but it’s still technically the middle of the year…right? Regardless, I’m going to do a little check in with my New Year’s resolutions.

I love making goals and resolutions (obviously), but I think it’s equally as important to check in with yourself to see how the progress is going. A lot of people find themselves disappointed when 
I love to see if I’m on track and reevaluate my goals or my life if I’m not. Sometimes goals change, which is why I try to make mine pretty open ended, but I don’t think it’s necessary to hold yourself to something you don’t believe in anymore. Luckily, all of my New Year’s resolutions are still things I’d like to be working towards, so let’s see how I’ve been doing.
[keep in touch]
This is the resolution I’ve been dreading looking back at. I’ve done an awful job at this. I wanted to get pretty stationery and used it as an excuse to not keep in touch with far away friends. I have a handful of people I miss so much and writing letters just doesn’t feel adequate for how close we were before they moved and for how much I miss them now that they’re gone. But I know it’s an important, special gesture that will make us both feel better. I do really want to commit to this in the second part of this year. Pretty stationery or not, I’m going to write notes to loved ones and show them how much I appreciate them even though I don’t see them every day.
[make my house a home]
This one I’ve done pretty well at! I had a feeling back in January that I’d be moving in with Dago, so this was a really important resolution for me to set. I wanted our home to be a really comfortable place where we both felt free to be ourselves and both had an equal part in putting it together. I’ve had so much fun going to Ikea with him, arranging the furniture, and considering decorating options. I love how well our furniture fit together and how nicely our aesthetics match. Some of my favorite pieces right now are an embroidered cloth his mother made that hangs above our stove and that we both choose to lounge on each other’s couches instead of our own. I’ve made a couple of prints with lyrics from my favorite song by The Cure and his favorite song by The Smiths that I need to get printed to frame above our bed. Most of all, I love that we don’t feel rushed to put it all together at once, that we can take our time and build our home like we have our relationship. 
[feel healthier]
On one hand, I’ve done a really great job at this. My emotional and mental health is in a better place than it’s been…probably ever. I’m really in tune with my emotional needs and I can recognize when my body is telling me that I need a break. I’ve also been much better about setting boundaries with the people in my life, as well as with media, so that I don’t suffer from vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue.
However, I’ve been putting off my physical health. My biggest obstacle is money. In order to start exercising the way I want (going on walks at night, trying out jogging, going to a zumba class), I need a good pair of tennis shoes. The closest thing I have right now are Keds and my ankles are so bad already that I could really hurt myself trying to exercise in them. As for my internal physical health, I know I haven’t been eating the way I should. My first priority when I moved into the new place was to start eating at home more. This is something I’ve been pretty good about, but it’s also important for me to start incorporating more cooked meals into my eating so that I can really get the nutrients I need to lead a healthy physical life. Hopefully this fall I’ll be in a better position, both schedule and money wise, to learn to cook new things and eat real meals on a regular basis.

As much as this is a resolution for 2013, I also know that’s it’s going to be a lifelong process for me to have a more comfortable and healthy relationship with food.

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? How do you check in on the progress of your goals? 

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