midweek thoughts

i know i promised a bunch of exciting posts this week. they’re coming, i promise! i just need like 53 naps first. here are the words i’m able to squeeze out of my fingers today:

> being an activist/blogger/social media manager/advocate is a lot of work, y’all.

> i’ve just about eaten my weight in cookies & cream ice cream already this week.

> ruffled shirts are really confusing to iron.

> unsalted tortilla chips are blasphemous.

> i’m not awesome at remembering to drink water.
> i want to wear flower crowns every single day.

> i could seriously sleep through the rest of this week. is summer hibernation a thing?

> self care is crucial, especially when doing something that’s difficult or that requires a lot of energy.

> i am dying for a haircut. i know i just posted the other day about not wanting to cut my hair, but i really just meant that i didn’t want to cut my bangs. the next paycheck i get is going to refreshing these old locks! 

> i have absolutely no idea what i’m going to wear for independence day tomorrow.

> i cannot believe it’s already independence day tomorrow.
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