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jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // dress: Forever 21 (old, similar) // shoes: Steve Madden // earrings: vintage from Blue Velvet
 If I wrote every outfit post about what I honestly thought while taking the photos, each post would be exactly the same. It would be about how hard it is to take photos of yourself. To take photos of yourself in public. And to post those photos online.
I have so much anxiety about taking outfit photos that sometimes I just don’t. I start thinking about it the night before, when I’m picking out my clothes. Where will I take them? What time? Will the sun be at a weird angle? Will there be lots of people around? What if my hair does something weird between now and then and then all my pictures are unusable? Then I’ll have nothing to blog.
I know some bloggers mention it once in a while. Sometimes a neighbor walks to their car while the blogger is mid-pose or a creepy stranger asks to help you take your photos. From what I can tell, most bloggers shake this off and get back out there. But I really, really struggle with this.
Elizabeth wrote a really great bit the other day about someone interrupting her photo session and having a bad hair day, but going back out the next day to take gorgeous photos in an outfit she loved. I am constantly so inspired by Elizabeth. She has been blogging since I was still in high school didn’t even know what a blog was, aside from Xanga. Seeing her go back out there is inspiring, but it also makes me realize how inexperienced I am and how much I still have to learn. 
Bloggers share the good stuff because, I mean, who wants to see my burnt mac n’ cheese? But, I still wonder what it looks like bloggers don’t get back out and take the photos the next day. Or what the moment is like when they overcome the anxiety and do go out again. I can’t be the only one who struggles with taking outfit photos, as much as we all have battles with our bodies and fight through social anxiety. 
If you blog, do you ever feel camera shy? And if you don’t blog, how do you cope with overcoming the anxieties surrounding your jobs or hobbies?
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