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Since my grown up goal for June is to focus on my home, I decided to make my wishlist all about housewares instead of clothes. It’s like accessories for my apartment!
For me, the keys to creating a really personal living space are interesting organizational tools, wall art that represents the inhabitants, and unique textiles. I was so excited to come across that photo hanger (8) because the piece itself doesn’t take up much space and is really different from my many cork boards, plus it could hold all of the #cherishedmems I insist on keeping from apartment to apartment. As a History scholar, Dago really loves maps, so I try to incorporate them in different ways throughout our home. The map print (2) would be great over our bed, maybe in a gallery wall type arrangement with the Hang In There Baby  (5) print. In lieu of a coffee table, I’ve always wanted a big ottoman pouf for the living room. We can put a tray with drinks and snack on it or use it for extra seating or a foot rest. Or Contessa could sleep on it like a throne! Finally, what apartment is complete without that good ole waffle smell. …is that just me?
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