happy birthday, dago

i know you hate this photo, but you know it’s my phone background favorite
you’re the guy who makes me laugh harder than i ever knew i could,
appreciates the person i already am,
supports the person i want to be,
and stands by my side through it all.
you’re the kind of guy who makes my dad proud,
my friends comfortable,
and gives my brother a fantastic role model.
you’re the smartest person i’ve ever met
and you never stop learning.
you’ve introduced me to so many things,
like true emo music and the exciting world of soccer,
but i know you’ve just begun.
i love that we can just sit together and blog,
or online shop,
or make faces and not say anything at all.
but we can also have meaningful talks
about our childhood,
about marginalized populations,
about the nuances of episodes of mad men.
i love when we go to soccer games and yell at bad calls.
i love when you put your history degree to good use
by telling me bedtime stories about the french revolution and the cold war.
i love when you get worked up about work
because you’re so passionate about helping people
and you just want to make things right.
i love when you leave links on my facebook
and then freak out if i forget to like it.

i love when we go to j.crew with no intention to buy anything,

and you leave with a bag and a new pair of sneaks.
i love waking up next to you every day now that we’re living together.
building our home together has been such a wonderful experience.
your laughter is the soundtrack to every moment we’re together
and i wouldn’t have it any other way.
happy birthday, pumpkin.
27 is gonna be a good year.
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