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Having a bad hair day is the quickest way to kill my confidence. I’ve been having a bad hair month. Trying to grow my bangs out is getting ridiculous in a whole new way. I want my bangs to be the same length as my hair so badly. While I wait for them to grow, I’m stuck wearing the same hairstyle pretty much every day. I don’t like my bare forehead, so I pull what’s left of my bangs over to the side and pin it. Because they aren’t long enough yet, the part that covers my forehead is either pulled too tight or has pieces falling out of the pins. Grow, hair, grow!
I’m hoping that once my bangs finish growing, I can get a cute cut that adds volume back into the roots of my hair. The bottom of my hair is so thick that it’s hard to keep styled and the top of my hair has no shape. Having to tease it every day just isn’t in my schedule, so I need a cut that gives me a little oomf without a lot of work.
Do any of you know anything about hair or haircuts? Any tips on not ripping my bangs out of my head or chopping it all off? Any solutions to flat hair?
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