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grown up goals: june

I sort of decided to forego a grown up goal for May since I did the grown up thing pretty publicly by talking about my struggles and taking a break, plus I posted my 24 b4 24 list. I’ve been really excited about my June grown up goal for a couple of months now, so with May done and gone, I’m diving into June head first.

As you know, I recently moved into a new apartment. After living alone in a studio apartment for three years I collected a lot of stuff. I wanted to fill my space. I wanted it to be all mine. I wanted to show off every interesting piece I ever found or gift I’d ever received. The majority of my stuff is decorative, rather than practical or serving a purpose. Some of it really aligns with my style, and some is more like pretty antique clutter.
During the month of June, I want to focus on my home. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make my apartment into a place that not only I wanted to be in, but a place where I wanted to bring others to feel comfortable and inspired. I’m not saying I’m going to become the next great party hostess of my generation, but I’d love to be able to invite people over for grilled cheese and Pretty Little Liars instead of insisting that we hang out at restaurants and coffee shops all the time.
I want to have a desk space that inspires me, a welcoming living area, a frequently used kitchen, a table where Dago and I actually sit down to eat, and a bedroom that brings me all the peace and rejuvenation I need to get through the week. I want to use June as a starting off point to begin curating art, crafting, and creating a productive and comfortable place to call ours.
The first steps are definitely clearing things out. I need to pare down my stuff badly. I’ve already got a pile of things to take to Savers (good thrifting karma better be coming my way!) and a bag of clothes to sell at Plato’s Closet.
Once I clear out what I don’t want and can’t use, it’s time to find new (and new-to-me!) pieces to add to what we’ve got already. I love our furniture and the little bits of decor we have up already, so I want to bring in new items that fit in, rather than starting from scratch. I also want our place to be both of ours, so mixing aesthetics is a fun project.
Purchasing housewares feels very adult (especially for the kitchen, appliances, etc.), but buying them for a shared home is even more grown up. Taking into account another person’s opinion about a living space and ensuring that we both feel represented is so important in building a grown up home.
What are your favorite parts of your home? What pieces make it personal and special to you?
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