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I’m back in Austin! Back from the fest! As you can probably tell, I’m still super out of it. I had a lot of words for this post during the actual festival, but I left my laptop here in Austin and I didn’t have any wifi to write a whole post on my phone. Excuses aside, let’s get on with this recap!
// Day One //
dress: Urban Outfitters (really old, similar) // sandals: Steve Madden // headband: Claire’s // bag: Buffalo Exchange
I didn’t decide what to wear until the moment we left the apartment Saturday morning. I knew I wanted to wear this dress at some point during the weekend, but I wasn’t sure that I would prefer a dress over shorts for the first day. I am so glad I went with this dress in the end. It was so effing hot. And not dry hot like it is for most music festivals. If you’ve never been to Houston, any explanation I give for the humidity will be an understatement. We were all absolutely drenched in sweat, bumper-to-bumper with other festival-goers, dancing our buns off. This dress was perfect because it didn’t show sweat at all and was loose in the right places so that any breeze was able to work itself in.

// Day Two //
overalls and tank: Forever 21 // sandals: Steve Madden // headband: Claire’s // bag: Buffalo Exchange
It rained in Houston until about noon on Sunday, so the outdoor festival was nice and muddy. I wasn’t sure if it would rain again, so I opted for overalls instead of another light sundress. I expected the temperature to drop with the rain, and it did a little, but I was a little warmer around my midsection than I probably wanted to be. Anyway, it was a great outfit for jammin’ in the crowd, chilling in the shade, and avoiding a sunburn.
// The Music //
Being a native Austinite, I’ve seen a lot of live music outdoors. Some music is for blanket sitting, others for light head-bobbing & toe-tapping, but most for busting mad moves. On Saturday I saw Alabama Shakes, a bit of 2 Chainz, Passion Pit, and The Postal Service.
// The frontwoman for Alabama Shakes was incredible. I wish I had been able to stand for this show, but the way the park is set up made it so that you had to go down this big hill, past a thousand people on blankets, to get to the level ground. So I chilled on a blanket with friends and listened to her phenomenal voice. 
// 2 Chainz was cray. I saw some people take hard drugs. Nothing else notable to share.
// Passion Pit was the greatest show I’ve ever seen. Every song was 110% high energy. I made it down to the level ground with one of my girlfriends and we danced hard to the Passion Pit jamz. Everyone around us was jumping and jamming and singing along. In the middle of the set, the lead singer had to take a puff of his inhaler and it was ridiculously precious.
// The Postal Service was a life-changing experience. I relived years of feelings as they opened with The District Sleeps Alone Tonight. I lost my shit during Sleeping In. Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis have been there for me, indirectly of course, time and again when I felt all alone in the world. Seeing them on stage together was freaking incredible. Ben has the cutest little dance moves and Jenny’s hair and outfit (by the way, she looks EXACTLY like Tieka!) were spot on. The Houston humidity tried to do a number on her hair, but she somehow managed to look even better with the added volume and frizzy bits. The light show was so impeccably designed. I closed my eyes several times and just let the glow of the lights wash over my eyelids. Like a lady feeling the power of her higher power in church, I don’t think I ever put my hand down.
The only show I really wanted to see on Sunday was Matt & Kim and their set was probably the most disappointing hour of my life. I won’t go into it, but I will say that if you call your crowd by the wrong city and you play more songs that aren’t yours than ones that are, people will be generally unimpressed with you. Sunday was otherwise really chill and we decided to sit in the shade and just listen to the bands around us. I heard Of Monsters and Men and The Men from afar, which was just fine for me. We ended the night dancing to Gogol Bordello, a “Gypsy punk band” with a mission to party. The show got a little crazy and Dago and I were really sore, so we snuck away early and  ventured back home.

Overall, we definitely got our money’s worth. Dago saw Geto Boys, which I think was comparable to my experience with The Postal Service. Big festivals can be overwhelming, especially for me, but I was among great friends and that lovely boyfriend of mine.
Even though there were definitely moments of exasperation with humanity as some of the festival-goers were offensive, inebriated, and out-of-line, I was also met with extreme kindness and helpfulness. As I stumbled up and down the hills for each show, there were people reaching out their hands to guide me and keep me from tumbling down. I heard that the kindness was extended almost exclusively to women (men were made to fend for themselves on the steep, muddy hills), but I appreciate it nonetheless.
Oh, and after 23 years, I think I finally mastered putting on sunscreen! No splotchy (or any) sunburn for this girl! And I even got a little tan on my shoulders and face! That’s what I call a successful weekend.
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