pops of pink

It occurred to me the other day that I might have a little obsession with the color pink. It’s not that I’m wearing pink velour tracksuits with pink shoes and a pink backpack, but I definitely gravitate towards pink as my pop of color. I emptied the contents of my bag to find all of these pink items at once, so I thought I’d do a little walk through of what’s (pink) in my bag.
oo1. My brand new magic wallet! Remember when I went to the outlet malls and bought all the things from the Gap Factory store? Well, I couldn’t afford to buy all the things in the J.Crew Factory store too, but I did walk away with the coolest wallet that has ever existed. I love pink and gold together, so this piece fit perfectly into my purse and my life. And for $10? There was no way I was leaving without it. (For more on my magic wallet.)
oo2. Did you know that strawberry Tic Tacs were a thing? They are the perfect I-need-cash-back-at-CVS treat and the tastiest pop of color in my purse.
oo3. My cat knuckle key chain might be my favorite possession in my purse. Whether I’m bringing in groceries, checking the mail, or out on the town, I feel confident that I can protect myself with my super cat power(s). This key chain always reminds me of those spy laser/recorder/guns that look like tubes of lipstick–stylish and sneaky. Also, in case you were wondering, those cat ears are sharper than you’d think.
oo4. My silicone pink phone case isn’t especially exciting, but it was in my purse and is pink. I actually bought this back when I first got the iPhone because the case I had was too much work to undo every time I wanted to take outfit photos. Since this case is entirely unspecial and I can’t find it online, here are a couple of other pink cases I wish I had instead: one two three four
oo5. The beloved Word Up journal from J.Crew. It made it on two wishlists before it finally went on sale and I snatched it up. I collected Alice in Wonderland journals in high school and wrote in composition notebooks in college, but I haven’t been able to find a journal that really fits where I am in my life right now. Until J.Crew. Oh, J.Crew, may I just live inside of you for all eternity? I am going to feel so cool whipping this baby out at client meetings and taking notes in the park. Word.
oo6. Since I’m a (business) card carrying adult now, I needed a special place to keep them in my purse. I wanted something that fit my personal brand, that looked cool when I took it out of my purse to exchange cards, and that didn’t cost me much. This pink satin jewelry pouch from my vintage collection perfectly holds a couple handfuls of cards and couldn’t be more my style. Plus, it was free! I really do love slipping it out of my bag to  give someone a card, which I think is the most important thing. Here are some lovely similar pouches I found on Etsy.
oo7. One of my New Year’s Resolutions that I haven’t yet made good on is to send more mail. I found these cute Hey You! cards in the dollar section at Target the other day and couldn’t pass them up. Again with the pink and gold! I also bought a Thank You pack in purple. 

Do you catch yourself buying things in a particular color, or is that just me and my weird obsession with pops of pink?
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