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I’ve sort of hinted to this (and actually given it away in the comments section of a few of your blogs), but I’m moving! No, not domains; apartments! I’ve lived in little ole D204 for the last three years and I’m finally ready to move out.

Living alone has been one of the single most incredible experiences of my life. I was able to explore myself emotionally and psychologically during times when I most needed to be in tune with what I was feeling. Having the space to be 100% myself and never feel guilty about what was literally my lifestyle has been such a blessing and I know I’ve been fortunate. I learned to let go of my first love, adopted Contessa, came home from first dates, had raging birthday parties, danced with no pants, made french toast for the first time all in this little studio apartment. I’ve had strep and food poisoning and had to take care of myself. I’ve fallen and literally not been able to get back up. I’ve had lonely conversations with my cat. But I’ve also built a desk and organized my bookshelf by color. I’ve taken outfit photos and played dress up for hours. I’ve watched movies with best friends and with Dago and laughed and cried and been so happy.
But it’s time I move on. And move in. With Dago! I’m so ridiculously excited to move in with Dago. I’ve inadvertently lived with a boyfriend before and it was a really toxic experience, but this is going to be such a positive thing for us. For almost the entirety of our relationship, we’ve only gotten to spend quality time together on the weekends, during which one of us has always worked. Moving in together means we can still do our own thing (him: soccer, me: socializing) and see each other at night and before starting the next day. We’re both incredibly independent and living together isn’t going to change that.
So right now my poor apartment is covered in boxes to be filled with my things. Obviously leaving D204 is bittersweet, but I’m so excited about moving forward.
Do you have any tips for packing? Or for unpacking? For those of you who live with your significant other, what advice to you have for us?
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