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how i spent my break

> i wore variations on the same two outfits (neither blog worthy) over and over again
> i talked to my parents a lot

> i started a new medication that makes me sleep like a baby (so far)
> i missed dago during the weekdays
> i thought my computer was kaput (it’s not!)
> i broke out like a teenager
> i tried a new therapist (and like her!)
> i texted elissa
> i had no desire to take any photos of myself
> i played with the cutest puppies in the whole world
> i used a considerable amount of dry shampoo
> i ate a whole package of hawaiian rolls alone
> i gave my cat the silent treatment
> i snapchatted a lot
> i felt more unstable than i have in a long time
> i appreciated my support system more than i have in a long time

i cannot thank all of you enough for your support. the sweet comments and tweets made me feel like my break was taken out of strength, rather than weakness. i’m no where near 100% coming back, but i took a lot of big steps last week to get me where i need to be. this blog has always been an outlet for me to express myself and a source of wellness and self care, so hopefully i’ll be able to continue to use it that way.
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