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From the Keds x Taylor Swift line to the latest Sara Bareilles song to the theme for a networking event I attended several weeks ago, the idea of bravery keeps showing up around me. What makes a brave person? A brave woman? A brave blogger?
My best friend and I were talking the other day about Sisterhood and how it’s something that a lot of women have to actively remind themselves to live by, or aren’t even aware of in the first place. She said that by committing myself to a life lead by Sisterhood and educating my sisters about doing the same, I’m part of a revolution. I’m a revolutionary. I am brave.
At the Austin Leading Ladies networking event a few weeks back, we talked about why we lead. A woman asked if answering the call to leadership was selfish? Another responded that it’s our universal right to thrive. A third chimed in and said that taking ownership for your life IS leadership. All of the women in the coffee shop shared their reasons for leading and it felt amazing to hear my voice speak among theirs. I raised my hand and said that I lead to empower other women to find and use their voices. As an advocate, as a mentor, as a stylist and branding consultant, as a blogger, and as a friend, I encourage women every single day to be heard. They are brave. I am brave.
So many bloggers have been coming forth about their lives beyond their closets lately and it’s so positively refreshing. Sometimes the tone begins a little shaky, a little vulnerable, but they are being so incredibly brave for putting out there — to the entire Internet — the battles they’ve fought and continue to fight. Being a part of this community and posting about what I’m really experiencing from day-to-day has made me feel invincible. Blogging is an entirely brave act. Whether it be sharing a tutorial or describing a stressful day at work, bloggers allow themselves to be seen and judged by strangers all over the world. And we do it anyway! That’s amazing to me! I am brave. 
If you’ve ever blogged, you are brave. If you answer the call to lead, you are brave. If you commit yourself to something that benefits the world around you, you are a part of a revolution and you are brave. There are so many other ways that people show their bravery, from standing up against a bully, speaking in front of a crowd of strangers, asking for something they deserve, or getting out of bed in the morning.
What makes you feel brave?
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