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skirt: thrifted (vintage Liz Claiborne) // tank: Old Navy // shoes: American Eagle // belt: thrifted from Mama
 After working from my bed home all Monday morning, I had a sudden wind of energy to put on a skirt and feel pretty. I put on a full face of make up and a new pretty skirt I’ve been dying to take out for a spin. Sometimes, boyfriend jeans and the same t-shirt feel good, but other times, a pretty skirt is just what you need to feel better.
After taking these photos, I realized that I definitely want to cut this skirt to just under my knees. Holy unflattering, Batman! Even so, I love the print and feeling feminine really put me in a good mood.
I now want to draw your attention to my ponytail. Alyssa over at Sincerely, Truly Scrumptious wore it the other day and I just about fell over. Then she did a tutorial that brought me back to life and I’ve worn my hair like this almost every day since. 
Lastly, this hair clip is the first item I ever won in a blog giveaway. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible, horrible blogger and can’t remember who I won it from (like a year ago) or what Etsy shop made it. My b. 
Do y’all have any tips for cutting this skirt? I am an awful cutter (cutting in straight lines has never been my forté) and I really don’t want to mess this skirt up. 
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