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Dago and I took a little trip up to the Round Rock Outlets this weekend to shop the 50% off sales at the Banana Republic, Gap, and J.Crew factory stores. BR was a bit of a bust for me, so I skipped on over to Gap to do some outlet mall damage.
I’ve been really good lately about only shopping for things on my list. The list fluctuates depending on where I’m shopping, but I’ve been pretty much looking for the same pieces to fill holes in my closet for months now. Thankfully, the entire store was 50% off, so I felt like I didn’t have to leave behind any of the items that I knew I really wanted and wouldn’t be able to find as perfect anywhere else. 
So here’s what I got:
1 // Plaid shirts have been on my list for a couple of years now. I never wore them until then, so I don’t have a very big collection. The last two winters have brought me a lot of flannel plaid, but they aren’t useful at all for the majority of Texas’ seasons. This plaid button down is actually a size too big and boyfriend fit, but I liked how it looked on me and it was on extra clearance, so I decided to get it anyway. The colors are easy enough to pair with things, no matter the season, and it can be dressed up with wedges and jewels or worn open as a swim suit cover up. 
2 // I have been searching for a utility jacket or vest for months. I’m extremely picky when it comes to certain aspects of clothing, and utility jackets have a lot for me to be picky about. The metals can’t be silver, the collar has to lay right, the fabric can’t be too flimsy, I don’t really wear studs, and so on and so on. Every time I’ve tried on a utility vest or jacket, there have been several marks against it, so I left it behind. This jacket is really perfect. The neon piping on the inside reminds me of the vest from Forever 21 I’ve been lusting after (that quickly sold out in my size), there aren’t any offensive decorations or a finicky drawstring, I can wear it buttoned, zipped, or open, and I can roll the sleeves up or down without feeling like I’m wearing it “wrong.” Plus, it has all the pockets! Since I splurged and got the jacket, I probably won’t look for a vest version anymore. Can’t wait to wear it with little dresses and rompers this summer!
3 // The ever elusive boyfriend jean has finally made its way into my wardrobe. I am so, so excited. I only buy jeans from Gap, but can rarely afford to drop that much cash in one sitting. In comes the 50% off sale and I can afford to purchase my beloved boyfriend jeans. I grabbed them in my size and they actually fit the way I want bf jeans to fit: a teensy, tiny bit stretched out, but not actually too big. They hug where I want them to and don’t slide down when I wear them. The cuff was pre-sewn a little higher than I liked, so I came home and snipped the thread to re-cuff them. Now they are seriously perfect. Sorry you’ll be seeing me in these tons because they go with everything.
4 // A leopard belt! Finally! I need one 99% of the time when I’m getting dressed and always forget to buy one when I’m shopping. I especially like this one because the design is a little different than most I’ve seen. Plus, of course I love that the metal is gold. Expect to see this belt in high rotation on the blog too.
Would you call this shopping trip a success? Share in the comments if you bought anything this weekend or what holes in your closet you’re trying to fill!
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