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the loudest outfit

pants: Forever 21 // top: Target (old, similar) // sweater: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // shoes: Lulu’s
 From the moment I left my apartment wearing this outfit, I was convinced that I looked like an escaped clown from the carnival. Three bright colors and big ole polka dots will do that to a girl. I took a quick Insta-snap and asked if the outfit was too loud. A friend tweeted back reminding me that “colorblocking” is in, so it doesn’t matter that these pieces don’t inherently match.
I’ve had a surprisingly (to me) hard time styling these pants. When I ordered them, I was all like “I’m gonna wear these all the time! They go with everything!” But then I got them in my closet and only paired them with black. I have a chambray outfit in mind for them, but I like to try other pieces before defaulting to chambray all the time. I was running really late to work and had thought about putting this hot pink top with the pants, so I threw a sweater on over it and ran out the door.
For a whole day feeling insecure in this outfit, I actually quite like it in the photos. I don’t look as much like a colorful clown monster as I thought. It’s a little stylish even!

It’s funny–sometimes when I get dressed, I think about what other blogger might wear the outfit. Like oh, this pencil skirt get-up totally reminds me of Lynette or these boyfriend jeans and feminine top feels like something Kristina would wear. Well, I couldn’t conjure images of any other blogger wearing this outfit, so I guess it’s all mine. This is my style. Whatever this is…

Oh, and after I finished taking these photos, I realized that I locked myself out of my car. Luckily, I have a hide-a-key under my car, but I couldn’t find it for a while and had to crawl around on the ground for a bit to find it. I was all covered in grease and leaves by time I got back in my car. Awesome.
Did I mention I was also parked in a scary back alleyway? I wanted to find a long stretch of road for these photos and the place I found happened to look like the scene of a death in a horror movie. Awesomer.
Anyway, how would you style these darn pants? Do you ever get dressed with another blogger’s closet in mind?
Linking up with Rachel‘s Dare to Wear: Spring Brights
PS. I guess I didn’t dislike this outfit too much because it’s the new header photo for my blog. I stayed up way too late the other night redesigning. What do you think?
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