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grown up goals: april

So I’ve actually already accomplished a bunch of grown up goals this month. I used my refund check to pay off my credit cards (!!!), replace my treadless tire, and renew my car’s registration (that was due back in September). The credit cards have been an awful weight on my shoulders for quite some time now, so I am really happy to be free from the shackles of Gap and American Eagle.

Because I have some big goals coming up for the next few months, I’m going to take April a little easy and focus on my emotional wealth. The key to staying strong and being able to help others and taking care of yourself and being aware of your own needs. There are a few areas of my emotional wealth that need a little extra attention, so I’m going to focus on that for April.
Media Boundaries // What does that even mean, right? Basically, I need to start saying no to certain forms and topics in media for my own wellness and sanity. One of my favorite people on the planet asked me to join a book club to read the memoir Girls Like Us: Fighting in a World Where Girls Are Not For Sale. I felt really embarrassed to decline, but I also knew that I couldn’t handle hearing about any more badness toward girls in the world right now. I absolutely know that the book is a great read and  I look forward to snuggling up with it for some deep reading at a later time, but I’m too engaged right now to take on another heavy topic. In other cases, I only let myself read two articles about Steubenville. I will only discuss Girls with people who recognize the healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics. I don’t need to spend every second my free time educating or being educated. Sometimes I just want to enjoy the things around me. So this month I will watch Friday until I can’t remember any other songs and I won’t go see Spring Breakers.
Meditation // I’ve resisted meditation for a long time because I am convinced that it’s a gateway drug to yoga (and I refuse to do yoga//long story). However, I think I need to step up my mental health game from simply getting more sleep and laying around my apartment in my pjs when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I need to commit to relaxed and clear thinking. Do you have any tips for me to learn to meditate? I’ve heard there are some good videos on YouTube for getting started and I really like those binaural beats. I’ll take any advice anyone has on this one because I’m pretty clueless when it comes to clearing my head.
What are you focusing on or planning to achieve this month?
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