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Last Friday I went to the CUTEST restaurant of all time. One of my loveliest coworkers was telling me about her awesome weekend job at a little cafe called Full English in South Austin. Dago had been once for a going away tea, so I expected fine china and silk table cloths. Luckily, I was wrong. Instead, Full English is everything I could hope for in a place. The walls are pink and covered in odd art and song lyrics. Every table has an eclectic assortment of chairs around it and there are several comfy chairs and even a couple of couches. 
And the food? Holy crap, y’all. They serve full English breakfast all day. Since I don’t eat bangers and mash (it’s a Jew thing), I had a lemon and sugar pancake, which is more like a really thick crepe. I didn’t know what to do with it, but Dago instructed me to pour sugar from the giant glass jar all over my pancake and then squeeze lemon over it. It makes the yummiest syrup. The English are so brilliant. Dago had some kind of chicken skewer thing over rice that smelled so good. Next time he’s going to get the Shepherd’s Pie and I’m going to get The Arthur, an English-style Nutella pancake.
I walked in and immediately felt safe, which isn’t always the case with hip cafes in Austin. A lot of places have gotten too pretentious for their own good, which has turned me off from making the effort to go. I’m hoping to plan blogger dates with Taylor and Mandy here soon, and maybe Kristina can come to town and we can bask in all things British. Oh, and they have free Wi-Fi, so I will probably be blogging from here for the rest of my days.
On the outside of the little cafe is a wall graffitied with my zip code on it. Austin takes their zip codes very seriously, so I was excited to rep’ it with pride. Plus, it matched my outfit!
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