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peplum: DIY // sweater: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // skirt: Cotton On // shoes: LuLu’s (same) // bag: Buffalo Exchange
I’m like stupid-excited about this outfit, y’all. It’s one of my favorite outfits of all time, I think. 
Exciting things about this look:
// This is the first center-part hairstyle I’ve attempted. I surprisingly really like it. What do you think? (Be brutal!)
// This is the clutch I took to senior prom. It’s the only clutch I own.
// This is my first black mini skirt. I know. I’m so glad I finally found one!
// This is the first time I’ve actually worn my peplum DIY on the blog. Dark denim is surprisingly hard to pair with other things. How would you style it?
// I threw on the cardigan for the sake of primary colors. I think it looks fab.
// I wore this outfit to the opening of a graphic design agency. It was the hippest party I’ve probably ever been to. Dago and I stood together and judged all of the outfits in the room for an hour and a half and then went home to watch Community. It was a good night.
// I’m excited to repeat this outfit a bunch. I try not to be a repeat outfit offender, but I can’t wait to wear it again.
What would you wear to a hip design party?
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