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MOO cards are the greatest

I’ve been collecting MOO cards for the last couple of years because I found them to be so high-quality and unique. When I graduated from college, I thought I might become a freelance writer, so I made up a batch of cards that matched my online portfolio. The orange printed so vibrantly and I have been so pleased with my cards. Unfortunately, my blog link never made it onto these cards because I thought I wanted to differentiate myself as a writer versus a blogger. I knew that eventually I would need a new card.
With SXSW and the TxSC meet ups coming up, I knew I needed to make some new cards. I went through a bunch of designs over the last six months as I’ve changed my blog design around, but I wasn’t ever 100% happy with what I came up with. Luckily, I waited til the very last minute on these because it finally hit me that my cards should match my blog button. Duh. Anyway, I uploaded the image, typed in my info, and showed the proofs to a couple of people before hitting the priority shipping option and sending my cards on their merry way from Rhode Island (the cards arrived even faster than they were estimated!).
The card stock feels so nice that people regularly rub my card on their face and smile. I love having the option to choose rounded corners because, of course I want rounded corners. The design template is ridiculously easy to use and ensures that even users without an eye for design don’t screw up their cards.
Oh, and if you happen to make a mistake, MOO has the greatest customer service in the world. My area code and the first three digits of my phone number are almost identical and I mistyped them in the design template. Even though I checked the cards myself several times and sent them to a couple of people to look over, we all missed the error until I had the cards in front of me and was texting a photo to my Dad. Great catch, pops.
So I immediately start freaking out and feeling awful and not knowing what to do. I pull up MOO’s website and find the reprints and returns page and write an honest email about what happened and asked what steps I could take to reprint them, knowing I would probably have to pay for my mistake. This was a Friday evening, so I didn’t expect a response until at least Monday. Saturday morning I got a pleasant little email from a MOO customer service rep who told me that “mistakes happen” and that they would be happy to reprint my cards, correctly, free of charge.
Y’all, it doesn’t get better than this. Not only is MOO’s product absolutely the best, but their customer service is easy-to-use, prompt, understanding, and so helpful. Plus, the cards aren’t super pricey to begin with, so I never feel guilty for making an investment in my business.
I not only plan to use MOO for any of my own printing needs in the future, but I also intend to use them for clients of Here Comes the Brand. I can’t say enough awesome things about MOO, so just go and design a pack for yourself.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I received no compensation from,  and all of the opinions stated are my own.
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