shopping spring wishlist

march wishlist

1. Spiral Notebook – J.Crew
3. Calf Hair Skinny Belt – J.Crew
5. Frayed Utility Vest – Forever 21
Because money is so very, very tight around these parts, I’m not even interested in pieces that wouldn’t be staples in my life. I’m loving the utility vest trend, especially with a touch of neon, and think it would last much longer than the trend-setters intend. I’m always on the lookout for boyfriend jeans that fit just right and this Gap pair has been on my list to try on for some time. And what better way to accessorize them than a leopard print belt? If there is a more useful accessory out there, I don’t know about it. Animal print is classic and my favorite neutral. A yellow dress would get so much wear in the spring and summer, especially if it was tailor-made for my body. Finally, I’m looking for a rad notebook to use for Here Comes the Brand, as well as for this blog and for all the other things I do. A place to jot down outfit ideas, take notes at client meetings, and make many to do lists. I saw this notebook at J.Crew a few weeks ago when Dago dragged me there to purchase his dream shoes and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
Besides these closet staples, I’m searching hard for my dream overalls and the perfect maxi skirt. If I knew where to find either of these things, they would surely appear in my wishlist and later in my closet, but I’m still a-huntin’. After Bridget of Deer Circus picked up this pair of overalls in the little boys’ section of a thrift store, I’m convinced I can do the same. Do you have a go-to store to buy overalls or maxis? I’d love to know where!

Speaking of wishes and wants, eShakti is doing a really cool contest in honor of International Women’s Day last week. In 45 words or less, share what you think women want and be entered to win a $150 gift card for eShakti. Your entry can be about anything you think (or know, duh, since you’re a woman and you want it!) women want. Go enter! Send your entry to by March 15.

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