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It’s International Women’s Day! My favorite day of the year! 
(Also my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Evan!)
At St. Ed’s, I was very involved with (and held presidency of) the feminist group on campus, Women Empowerment. In my time at the university, IWD became a bigger and bigger deal campus-wide. By time I graduated, we had a whole festival with music and speakers and lots of happy lady celebratin’.
One of my favorite traditions about IWD is to buy roses for the special women in my life. I did this each year and handed them out to by best gal pals and to professors I felt connected to in some capacity. During the second semester of my sophomore year, I was having a rough time getting over a messy break up and a messier roommate situation. I had all female professors this semester and each one helped me grow tremendously as a writer, feminist, scholar, and as a woman. I have a thank you card hanging on my fridge from one of the professors to whom I gave a rose that says “Thank you for the rose. It made me so happy.” I look at this card every single time I pour myself a glass of water and feel all warm and fuzzy.
That’s what being a woman is about to me. The warm and fuzzies. The hand squeezes and knowing looks. The not having to explain why something hurt or felt so good, because we all know. I love being a woman.
It’s no secret on this blog that I love to celebrate women and womanhood. If I could give you all a rose today, I would. Since I can’t, to celebrate today, I’d love if you would leave a comment with:
1. something you love about being a woman
2. a woman you admire and why she’s special to you
If nothing else, I think it’ll be fun to go back and read and get all the warm and fuzzies. Being a part of something just feels good, so leave a comment and go celebrate!
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