i can

you know that song that goes “i can ride my bike with no handlebars?” something about that song always makes me really emotional. in a good way. i recognize that a lot of it is the actual arrangement of the music, but for me, i am struck by repeating “i can…, i can…” again and again. how often do we really talk about the things we can do? i know i tend to define myself by the things i can’t do. this seems like kind of a silly post because, like, obviously there are lots of things i can do. i can walk and talk and read and count and tie my shoes. but not everyone can. and there’s a lot of advanced things i can’t do, but there are some i can, too, which is pretty cool. here’s a little list.
// i can make french toast.
// i can write a perfect email.
// i can put on mascara without opening my mouth.
// i can sew on a button.
// i can sing in public and not have people throw things at me.
// i can write poems that people like to read and that get published places.
// i can hula hoop for a long time.
// i can eat a snow cone and drive at the same time.
// i can meow like a real cat.
// i can educate about healthy relationship behaviors.
// i can recite the preamble.
// i can eat a dozen donuts by myself.
// i can think critically about tv shows.
// i can tell you all the lyrics to footloose.
// i can blog without looking at the keys.
// i can steam milk.
// i can name all of the members of one direction.
wow. so this post ended up being really hard to write. turns out i have no idea what i can do. isn’t that weird? definitely something i want to be more aware of.
what can you do? share in the comments!
ps. Kristina tagged me to make a vlog post. tomorrow is my 200th post and i think it would be fun to answer some questions in vlog form for that. leave your questions in the comments!
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