frazzled tuesday

remember that time i said i wanted to get ahead in my blog posts again? it didn’t really happen. i’ve been working every day and busy every night, so i haven’t had time to write anything or take photos of my outfits.
last night i went to seder with my family. i completely recycled this outfit, so there wasn’t any reason to photograph it again. i had planned on wearing something new and exciting, but the darn weather got so cold that i wanted to get one more wear out of my boots and sweater dress before i pack it away for next november.
today i’m feeling hungover from the criticisms of my grandparents reverberating in my mind and coping with some yucky food-borne illness i took home with me from the seder. good times.
tuesdays are usually the best. step it up, march 26th.
in other news, i’m wearing red today to show support for marriage equality. maybe you’ll be graced with an outfit post tomorrow, depending on how this food poisoning plays out today.
tell me something good?
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