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the prettiest dress you ever did see

dress: c/o eShakti // shoes: vintage // jewelry: Target
 Isn’t this just the prettiest dress? I’m so excited to add it to my closet and to show it to you. It’s from this awesome company called eShakti that I am all about (and you should be too).
eShakti designs gorgeous, flattering pieces that you can customize to your size. Yeah, the size you actually are, not the one Gap tells you that you are. Because I’m such a big proponent for positive body image, I totally identify with eShakti’s mission to dress women in the bodies they already have instead of sizing them out or squeezing them into pieces that don’t really fit. I know I’ve bought things I loved on the hanger and got them on my body and felt like I was settling with a less-than perfect fit. Not with eShakti–I was able to put in all of my measurements and choose the length, neckline, and sleeve style. Gap certainly doesn’t offer that.
I’d actually been eyeing a few eShakti dresses for months as I saw other bloggers post about them. I vigorously commented on every sponsored post, hoping eShakti would find me…and then they did! Y’all, see that little ‘c/o’ in the outfit credits? That means courtesy of! However, all of these opinions are my own. eShakti’s customer service is awesome and they seemed genuinely excited to collaborate, but if the product wasn’t up to my standards, I would tell you. But I’m so happy with my dress.
When choosing a dress for eShakti to send me, I knew I wanted something I could wear to interviews and networking events, as well as something that would be a classic item in my closet for years to come. Since I knew the dress would be customized to my size, I looked specifically at dresses I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy somewhere else and have fit me the way I wanted. I initially chose a buttoned chambray dress that I loved, but then this watermelon and navy colorblock dress showed up in New Arrivals and my decision was made. The colors are perfect, the shape is impeccable, and I’m going to get so much wear out of this dress! 
When my bestie Whitney (who took these awesome photos!) asked me what my favorite part of the dress was, I had a hard time choosing. The fit of the waistline! The pockets! The color! That you can see my tattoo! It really is the perfect dress.
I’m still planning to buy a chambray dress and since receiving mine in the mail, I’ve been lusting over this dress and these skirts. Luckily, eShakti doesn’t jack up the price just because their product is customizable, so I can afford to buy more! 
Which eShakti pieces do you want in your closet?  Register today (new customers only) for a $25 gift certificate.
Photos taken by the lovely, talented, and eternally fierce Whitney Laas.
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