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sweater: Zara (similar) // jeans: Gap // shoes: Lulu’s (same) // headband: Old Navy
This is a pretty average weekend outfit for me. Sometimes leggings replace the jeans and my trusty yellow beanie replaces the headband, but you can find me on any given Sunday in some variation of this outfit. 
This weekend was less relaxing than others, but I enjoyed it just the same. Dago and I both worked really early on Saturday morning and then shared some seafood with a lovely couple at a local catfish parlor. Dago told me to dress “casual,” which is a word that has pretty much lost all definition since becoming a style blogger, but I think I nailed it with my chambray and boots. After dinner, we wanted to go home and catch up on Parks & Rec, Community, and Portlandia, but I fell right asleep and he soon followed.
On Sunday I got together with my gal pal over crepes at Crepes Mille to talk about the uncertainty of our futures and the excitement of starting a small business. Speaking of which, Here Comes the Brand Consulting is up and running! I still have a few edits to make here and there, but it’s a huge step.
On another career-related note, I so appreciate the heart-felt comments y’all left on my last post. I don’t think of my work as being especially noble and I definitely wasn’t fishing for sympathy, but it was really nice to feel the support of my bloggy friends about something that has to do with my non-blog life. We’re more than outfit posts and shopping habits and I hope non-bloggers get that sense when they read what we’ve got to say, both in posts and in comments. I feel stronger and more capable of taking on the difficult things after working out my thoughts and feelings in this edit box. I feel so close to my blogger community right now and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better. Gosh, this is turning into quite the mushy outfit post, so I’ll leave you with that.
Happy Monday–you’ve got this.
//Thanks to my bb brother Evan for snapping these photos for me. I’m so glad to have you back in Austin for a while!
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