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punk rock milk maid

tee: gifted // skirt + blazer: Nordstrom Rack // necklace: Target
This shirt was my other Valentine’s gift from Dago. It’s a band tee from one of our favorite musicians Into It. Over It. It’s hard to tell, but the shirt has a picture of a cat watching Evan (the only member of II.OI.) pack things into a truck. Cats and acoustic guitars? That’s my kind of music.
Anyway, Dago bought this for me to sleep in because it’s really soft, but I wanted to wear it in public and on the blog before it takes a place in the comfy sleeping shirt category of my closet. Dago insisted that I dress like a punk rock girl when I wore the shirt. I’m not really sure I did punk rock much justice with this outfit.
The punkest style blogger I know is Alyssa and she rocks out the milk maid braids, so they must be punk rock, right? No?
To get a little listen to Into It. Over It., check out my sampler below.
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